Flawed Forensics and Innocence

Flawed Forensics and Innocence

Panel 1 — True Injustice: A Discussion of Wrongful Convictions
Prof. Russell Covey (Georgia State University)
Prof. Mark Godsey (University of Cincinnati)
Ms. Vanessa Meterko (The Innocence Project)
Ms. Liliana Segura (Journalist)

Panel 2 — The Science of Forensic Evidence: Use and Abuse in the Courtroom
Prof. Kelly Ayers (West Virginia University)
Dr. Simon A. Cole (U.C. Irvine)
Prof. Meghan Ryan (Southern Methodist University)
Prof. Sandra Thompson (University of Houston)

Panel 3 — Crime Labs, the FBI, and Federal Oversight of Forensics
Dr. Suzanne Bell (West Virginia University)
Dr. Glen Jackson (West Virginia University)
Prof. Dave Moran (University of Michigan)
Mr. M. Chris Fabricant (The Innocence Project)

Panel 4 — Litigating Change in Science: Shaken Baby Syndrome and Arson
Mr. Paul Bieber (The Arson Research Project)
Prof. Imran Syed (University of Michigan)
Prof. Keith Findley (University of Wisconsin)
Prof. Kate Judson (University of Wisconsin)
Ms. Maria Cuellar (Carnegie Mellon University)
Dr. Ron Uscinski (Georgetown Medical School and University Hospital)

Panel 5 — Disclosure and Reliability: Forensic Evidence in Pre-Trial and Post-Conviction Proceedings
Prof. Valena Beety (West Virginia University)
Prof. Jessica Gabel Cino (Georgia State University)
Prof. Brandon Garrett (University of Virginia)
Prof. Jennifer Laurin (University of Texas)
Judge Anthony Mozingo (15th Circuit Court of Mississippi)

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