Meet Volume 122

Quentin Collie, Editor-in-Chief

Quentin Collie


Amanda Demmerle, Senior Managing Editor

Amanda Demmerle

Senior Managing Editor

Sierra Williams, Executive Notes Editor

Sierra Williams

Executive Notes Editor

Gabrielle Marcum, Executive Article Selection and Symposium Editor

Gabrielle Marcum

Executive Article Selection & Symposium Editor

Austin Rogers, Executive Article Selection and Symposium Editor

Austin Rogers

Executive Article Selection & Symposium Editor

Emily Cramer, Executive Publications Editor

Emily Cramer

Executive Publications Editor

Jordan Maddy, Executive Research Editor

Jordan Maddy

Executive Research Editor

Hannah Steketee, Executive Research Editor

Hannah Steketee

Executive Research Editor

Brendan Beutell, Executive Research Editor

Brendan Beutell

Executive Research Editor

Haley Robb, Executive Alumni and Development Editor

Haley Robb

Executive Alumni & Development Editor

Francesca Rollo, Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Melanie Thompson, Senior Editor

Melanie Thompson

Senior Editor

Matt Massie, Senior Editor

Matthew Massie

Senior Editor

William Flynn

Senior Editor

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